My Story 

I have had my struggles.

Being open about them sooner would have made it easier for me.

I want to make other people’s experience easier.


It took me a long time to realize that some challenges in my life were a result of a mental health issue. Once I realized, I tried to conquer it on my own. Not seeking help or speaking out cost me a lot. I suffered and battled alone, with little success. It took a major change in my life to realize I couldn’t do it alone. Nor did I have to.


No one should have to.

So I started OKME, as an outlet for me, but mostly in hopes that it helps people start the dialogue that help conquer these challenges we face. 

My idea of success will be to see a stranger one day wearing the OKME pin.  Knowing they are able to be open, or to be supportive, and able to share a big message with a little pin.

This is OKME

Be Open 

Be Supportive